31 May 2017 | Floresta National de Tapajos, Para ,Brazil

Brazil-jungle marathon

The Jungle Marathon, the world's wildest eco race, gives competitors the opportunity to combine sport and eco tourism, while experiencing this stunning part of the world. The course, which includes swamps, river crossings, steep climbs and descents, village trails and fluvial beaches, combined with humidity and scorching temperatures makes it a daunting and exciting race, but well within the realms of any competitor who has a strong mental mindset. 
Yes, physical fitness is a requirement  but if you don’t have strong mental tenacity to combine with it then you will struggle to reach the finish.If you are ready for one of the most exciting  and challenging adventures of your life, sign up today and join the Jungle Marathon in October in The Flona Tapajos, near Santarem, Amazonia,
 Brazil for the12th edition of the legendary
 Jungle Marathon You need to be fully aware that Jungle Marathon takes place in a remote and potentially dangerous environment. Apart from the dangers of the jungle itself, where you may be exposed to snakes, wild animals and poisonous plants, you are also going to be racing in a hot humid environment. Heat exhaustion, dehydration and problems with salt/electrolyte balance are real dangers. The organisers take safety very seriously and make every effort to minimise risk, but please be aware of the potential hostilities and ensure that you have fully considered these points before you proceed with your entry. The complete “Your Safety” document will be forwarded to you prior to your registration.
Whether you do 21km od more you will NEVER forget this adventure!

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